Mini Speaker Is The Best Gift


Mini Speaker,bright and bright colors, easy to carry. Small body, big voice, is the best gift for daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother.

Mini speaker is a kind of professional portable music device with rechargeable lithium battery without consuming battery of mobile phone. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery works for two to five hours and takes only two to three hours to charge. With FM radio, plug in THE U disk or SD card, playing can display the number of songs, can directly play SD/MMC card, U disk, MP3 format audio files. No need to switch, remember automatic reading. He has been called the music angel of the sound industry by many organizations.

Mini speakers are generally small in size, but they also have all the five organs. They can support U disk, micro SD to play MP3, FM radio, and AUX sound as a desktop PC speaker. It also comes with a bright display that allows you to see your text clearly even in bright light outdoors. The design of the buttons is also very simple, with only three buttons on the front, volume adjustment and mode button, and the upper part of the fuselage is arranged to start the button and adjust the up and down button. It’s easy to operate.

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